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10ml of juice

Bottled in original Chubby Gorilla bottles for quick and easy pod refills.

bardTECH Nicotine Salt

Super smooth pharmaceutical grade nicotine made in the UK.

1 Bottle = 5 disposables

One bottle of BARD is equivalent to 5 single use disposables or up to 3000 puffs.

bardTECH promise

TPD compliant flavours tested to the highest standards to ensure safety and quality.

BARD Energy Ice e-liquid captures the electrifying essence of your favourite energy beverage, delivering a bold blend of invigorating flavours and a jolt of refreshment.

Top Note: Citrus Zing

Experience a burst of citrusy brightness that instantly wakes up your senses. The top note of this e-liquid introduces a vibrant medley of zesty lemon, tangy lime, and juicy orange, providing a refreshing and uplifting sensation reminiscent of cracking open a cold can of energy drink.

Mid Note: Tropical Punch

Indulge in the tropical sweetness of pineapple, passion fruit, and exotic fruits, adding depth and complexity to the flavour profile. The mid note introduces a tropical punch flavour that complements the citrus zing, creating a mouth-watering fusion of fruity goodness that leaves you craving more.

Undertone: Energising Kick

Underlying the citrus and tropical flavours is a subtle yet unmistakable energising kick, reminiscent of the caffeine and taurine boost found in energy drinks. The undertone of energy-infused vigour enhances the overall experience, providing a satisfying burst of energy with every inhale.

Overall Experience

BARD Energy Drink e-liquid offers a dynamic blend of citrusy zest, tropical sweetness, and invigorating energy that keeps you coming back for more. With each puff, you'll feel rejuvenated and refreshed, ready to tackle whatever challenges come your way. Whether you're in need of a pick-me-up during a busy day or simply seeking a flavourful and energising vape, ENERGY DRINK e-liquid is sure to satisfy your cravings and fuel your spirit.


  • 10ml E-liquid
  • 50PG/50VG Ratio
  • 5mg / 10mg / 20mg available
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