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Introducing Bard E-Liquid – proudly crafted in the heart of the UK, from conception to creation.

Our tantalising array of flavours, paired with captivating artwork and pocket-friendly pricing, will bewitch your taste buds and leave you clamouring for more. Prepare to banish blandness and bask in the brilliance of Bard E-Liquid – the benchmark for vaping satisfaction.

  • Say goodbye to disposable devices.

    With a keen eye on sustainability, Bard E-liquid embraces refillable over disposable.

  • Multiple Choice.

    Embrace a super smooth nicotine delivery at 5mg, 10mg & 20mg strengths.

  • Carbon Footprint Friendly.

    With a budget friendly outlook in mind, we are here to satiate those cravings whilst looking after the planet.


Say no to wasteful disposables and say yes to looking after the planet. Bard E-liquid has been designed specifically to bring vapers away from disposables and towards a brighter, greener future. With over 3,000 puffs per bottle, the savings to be made are immense!