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1 litre of concentrate

Bottled in original Chubby Gorilla bottles.

UK flavours

Locally sourced at affordable prices. Why shop internationally?

1 bottle = 300x 10mls

Mixed at our recommended dilution, 1 litre of bardTECH results in approx. 300x 10ml bottles!

bardTECH promise

Exquisite flavours tested to the highest standards to ensure safety and quality.

Dosing cap included

Dosing Cap included for accurate concentrate measurements.

BARDTECH Piña Colada Ice e-liquid offers a tropical getaway in every puff, blending the creamy richness of coconut with the sweet tang of pineapple, all topped off with a refreshing hint of menthol. 

Top Note: Tropical Pineapple

Transport yourself to a sun-kissed beach with the top note of BARDTECH Piña Colada Ice e-liquid. Indulge in the succulent sweetness of ripe pineapple, evoking images of swaying palm trees and ocean breezes. The top note introduces a burst of tropical goodness that instantly tantalises your palate with its vibrant and refreshing flavour.

Mid Note: Creamy Coconut

As the sweetness of pineapple settles on your taste buds, you'll experience a wave of creamy richness with the mid note of coconut. The creamy coconut flavour adds depth and complexity to the flavour profile, reminiscent of sipping a creamy piña colada on a tropical island getaway. The coconut undertone enhances the overall vaping experience, providing a satisfyingly smooth finish that leaves you craving more with every puff.

Undertone: Refreshing Menthol

Underlying the pineapple and coconut is a subtle undertone of refreshing menthol, adding a crisp and invigorating chill to the flavour profile. The menthol undertone enhances the tropical vibes of the vape, providing a refreshing finish that leaves you feeling revitalised and rejuvenated.

Overall Experience

BARDTECH Piña Colada Ice e-liquid offers a delightful escape to paradise, combining the tropical sweetness of pineapple and coconut with the refreshing chill of menthol. With each puff, you'll be transported to a tropical oasis, savouring the creamy richness of coconut, the tangy sweetness of pineapple, and the invigorating coolness of menthol. Whether you're in need of a pick-me-up during a hot summer day or simply seeking a flavourful and refreshing vaping experience, BARDTECH Piña Colada Ice e-liquid is sure to delight your palate and leave you craving more.


  • 1L Concentrate 
  • PG Suspended Flavour Concentrate
  • Made in the UK
  • Childproof Cap
  • Tamper Evident Seal
  • Recommended Steeping Time: 1 Week
  • This is a concentrated flavouring to be mixed in DIY e-liquid. It is not to be vaped without diluting.
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